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falling to earth an apollo 15 astronaut s journey to the - falling to earth an apollo 15 astronaut s journey to the moon al worden francis french dick gordon on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers as command module pilot for the apollo 15 mission to the moon in 1971 al worden flew on what is widely regarded as the greatest exploration mission that humans have ever attempted, apollo 10 astronauts heard music on the far side of the - apollo astronauts who orbited the moon two months before neil armstrong s famous 1969 landing heard mysterious and unexplainable music on its far side out of the range of earthly radio transmissions it has emerged, moon has liquid core just like earth reveal sensors left - it s an unlikely marriage between state of the art and 40 year old technology that has yielded extraordinary results signals from seismic sensors left on the lunar surface by apollo astronauts in 1971 have revealed that the moon has a liquid core similar to earth s, astronaut alan bean apollo moonwalker turned artist dies - may 26 2018 apollo astronaut alan bean who shared his experiences as the fourth human to walk on the moon through paintings sprinkled with lunar dust has died at the age of 86, apollo 18 return to the moon adventure minecraft pe maps - this is a must play for anyone who s a space enthusiast it s a short adventure map in which you ll play as an astronaut who will be going on a short journey to the international space station iss explore the moon and then return back to earth, smoke jumper moon pilot the remarkable life of apollo 14 - smoke jumper moon pilot the remarkable life of apollo 14 astronaut stuart roosa willie g moseley foreword by apollo 16 moonwalker charlie duke on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers, sculpture on the moon paul van hoeydonck s fallen astronaut - at 12 18 a m greenwich mean time on aug 2 1971 commander david scott of apollo 15 placed a 3 1 2 inch tall aluminum sculpture onto the dusty surface of a small crater near his parked lunar rover, science conjecture life on mars two tides per day - two tides per day first posted september 1996 why is there a high tide on the side of the earth opposite the moon the answer is that the earth and moon revolve about their common centre of gravity barycentre which is about 4700 km from the centre of the earth in the direction of the moon